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Alan Carter
Contemporary Furniture
Lisle, IL
Alan Carter was a professional photo-realistic painter from 1977 - 1999. Street corners and old neighborhoods were his
subjects; three dimensional illusions rendered on two-dimensional canvas. He shifted his focus to three dimensional
work and decided to pursue woodworking as his art form. Woodworking was also a passion for Alan during his painting
career and he enjoyed it immensely. Alan had built a number of furniture pieces and had been making frames for his
paintings for years.

In his woodworking designs, Alan relies on his years of observation and artistic sensibilities to guide him. The
principles that shaped his paintings apply to his woodworking; strong design coupled with fine craftsmanship are the
foundation of Alan’s work. Elements of the architecture and city life that he painted for so many years are reflected in his

Alan's  Design Philosophy

“ Good design is the bedrock upon which any successful enterprise is built. The psychological space a piece of furniture
occupies --its visceral, magnetic allure-- is as meaningful as its physical presence. As a designer, I'm keenly aware of
the importance of serving these two masters; the practical and the aesthetic. The measure of success I achieve is
directly related to my devotion to both disciplines, and to my never-ending desire to learn and grow. The recently-coined
phrase "studio furniture" aptly describes my work. It suggests that furniture need not be simply functional, but that it can
also make an artistic statement usually reserved for painting or sculpture. Craftsmanship, construction technique, an
understanding of wood behavior, and attention to detail are all integral to the success and durability of a finished piece.
My design influences are many, and varied. The shapes and proportions of interesting buildings may spark an idea.
Other furniture styles and designers have an impact. Art Deco and Asian influences are certainly evident in some of my
pieces. Often the wood itself will suggest an idea; a particularly unusual grain pattern or texture can trigger an
interesting project. Land formations and plant structures also inspire me.
Wood combinations are also very important. The interaction of various grain patterns, colors, and textures can define a
piece and it's impact on the viewer. I spend a great deal of time finding timbers that complement one another which will
contribute to a visually satisfying finished product.
All these elements have to be in harmony for a piece to be successful. Compatibility, however, does not preclude
innovation. Some of my most interesting pieces are the result of pushing the design envelope. My work is contemporary,
but has a timeless, lasting quality.”
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Here are some custom pieces that Alan has designed and constructed for other clients: