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Bill Johnston
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Wayne, IL

Bill Johnston was born in Milwaukee, WI. He has lived 44 years in
Wayne with his wife Gladys, who is a botanical illustrator.
They have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Bill graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a
BA in Applied Arts. He served as chief of graphic presentation at
Air Force headquarters in Japan. He and his wife have
owned and operated an architectural design business since 1959.

Bill started his metalpoint work in 1983 after a 30 year hiatus.
Metalpoint is an ancient medium, with references in literature
dating to the first century A.D. It was also very popular during the
14th and 15th centuries, and the Victorian era. Bill primarily draws in
silverpoint, a type of metalpoint drawing. Silverpoint is a drawing made
with actual silver wire. The wire is filed to a point and held in a
mechanical pencil. Fine lines are then drawn on a board that has been
coated with gesso and sanded to a smooth finish. Bill builds up
millions of tiny lines to create each drawing. The process is a
permanent one, as erasing anything is not an option. In time, the
silver lineswill tarnish to a soft brown.

“Drawing for me, is not just an intermediate stop en route to painting.
It is a finished art and the mother of all art.” - Bill Johnston
A Tribute to Charles Eames
The Half Slip
Sheep II (detail)
Sheep II
6" x 8"
She stood before the open
window clad in Siamese
Niello and a Half Slip
C. 1813
Campaign Chair of Steel
and Leather
A Crisply Carved
Philadelphia Side Chair
Exhibiting Narrower
Proportions than Usual