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                                                       Jim Goodin
Brooklyn, NY
Acoustic guitarist Jim Goodin brings
together Celtic, World, classical, blues and
Americana influences weaving together
original instrumental songs ranging from
gentle to complex but always with heart and
passion.  Often compared to Will
Ackerman, Michael Hedges and John
Fahey, Jim Goodin "finds his own personal
harmonic space" and takes listeners on a
metaphoric journey through his "stream of
consciousness" songs connected by the
stories that inspired them.

"Inventive and entrancing acoustic guitar
Billboard Magazine

"Great guitar!  Must make a mission to hear
him live in 2006."

"a master technician"
Gig Magazine

"I really liked the stuff you played tonight!"
- Kieffer Sutherland, CBGB's show, NYC

"I've enjoyed listening to your CD. Your
guitar is an evocative storyteller!"
- Jim
Kirlin, Taylor Guitars

Jim Goodin is an author with Mel Bay
Publications, Inc., an endorsing artist for
GHS Strings and Godin/Seagull Guitars,
owner/founder of Wood and Wire Music
and performs nationally in concerts, clinics
and workshops.  In addition to his solo
work Jim performs with the collective
guitar/percussion duo East of Where and
the Language of 3.  Jim has four solo guitar
CD's on Wood and Wire Music, Jim Goodin
Live - Words & Music, Stories My Guitar
Told Me, Through the Door and Celtic
Journey to The Path.
1 The Howl
2 For Michael (2001)
3 River (song for my Father)
4 Looking Back
5 ManThang
6 Chapter 7 (The Christening)
7 The Eagle
8 Moroccan Bluz
9 Tai Chi
10 New Spring
11 November Rain on the Fields
12 Transportation Suite (4 moods)
13 Through the Door
CD's - $16
1 Celtic Overs
2 Si Beag Si Mor/
Quiet Moments
3 For Michael
4 The Story
5 Steps Forward
6 Carolan's Welcome/
The Path
7 Two William Davises/
Young Terence MacDonough
8 W-Y-L
9 Stillness and Return
10 The Path (reprise)/
CD's - $16
1 Mary Go Round
2 Tai Chi
3 Vermont Trails
4 Light Cycles
5 Standing Suite
6 Transportation Suite
7 Reflected Light
8 Manthang
CD's - $16
1 Manthang
2 Mary Go Round
3 For Michael
4 Si Beag Si Mhor
5 River (song for my Father)
6 Ghost of Santa Fe
7 Tai Chi
8 Celtic Journey to The Path
CD's - $16

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