fine and functional art
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                                            Jenn Parnell
Sterling Silver, Pearls, Enamel

BFA  Jewelry and Light Metals, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI - 1999

“To create a piece, I start with an idea that I would like to convey, a particular effect I want
to achieve, or a set of words to illustrate, and begin sketching. I find that I sketch a lot of
organic and natural forms, and then distill them down into more geometric shapes.
For me, sketching is an extremely important part of creating. I try to convey the same energy,
feel, and effects that I generate with my drawings in the final piece.

“I also enjoy experimenting with alternative materials, and using them in combination with
traditional materials and techniques creates unexpected juxtapositions.  I always try to push
conventional boundaries when I create my work to come up with something unexpected.

“I want my pieces to be just as visually interesting and intriguing by themselves, in a
sculptural sense,
as when they are being worn. At the same time I want the wearer's body to be an active
when they display the jewelry. Most of my pieces have moving parts that interact with the
and the piece will move with you or adapt to your body. I like to create jewelry that is creative,
different, and fun, yet at the same time very contemporary.”   - Jenn Parnell
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