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                                                              Peter Lang
Minneapolis, MN
Born in Minneapolis in 1948, Peter Lang
began playing the guitar during the folk boom of the late 1950's.
Although influenced initially by the blues,
and later by the playing of guitarist such as John Fahey,
Peter's playing has always been marked not only by a
strong sense of the tradition of the style but also
by a willingness to experiment with new ideas.

Peter Lang was discovered and recorded in 1972 by
the legendary guitarist John Fahey who signed Lang
to his own label, Takoma Records. Fahey launched
the careers of other notable artists on Takoma,
including Leo Kottke, George Winston, Robbie Basho,
Bola Sete and others.

Peter Lang toured, recorded
and performed for nearly ten years, developing a
reputation as one of the nations top acoustic players.
In the 70’s he was in good company, having recorded
or performed with Ry Cooder, John Fahey, Jerry Garcia,
Chet Atkins, John Hartford, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,
Emmylou Harris, Leo Kottke, Freddie King,
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, John Hammond,
Keith Jarrett, Phoebe Snow, Maria Muldaur,
The Yellowjackets, Robben Ford, and many others
1. Little Cairo
2. After the Fall
3. Come Along Joe
4. John Hurt in the 21st. Century
5. I Should Have Known
6. Brick House Blues
7. Snaker Ray Has Come & Gone
8. Emily's Waltz
9. Daylight is Darkness
10. Witness to the Messenger
11. All Through My Life
CD's - $16
1. Thicker than Wicker
2. Walter's Wings
3. Variations on Lampe
4. Lost on Chainbridge Road
5. Poor Boy/Guitar Rag
6. Halloween Blues
7. Big Mo's Habenero
8. Spanish Fandango
9. Dogs Howl
10. Evangelines's Moon
11. Itasca
12. Dharma Blues
CD's - $16
1. Round Worm Reel
2. That Will Never Happen No More
3. Green Apple Quickstep
4. Untitled Oblivion
5. Lycurgus
6. Poor Howard
7. Let the Old Boy Go
8. V/ The Connecticut Promissory Rag
9. Zero Adjustment
10. Flames Along The Monongahela
11. Untitled Oblivion (Instrumental)
12. V/ The Connecticut Promissory Rag (alt.)
13. Zero Adjustment (Instrumental)    
14. Hello Baby Blues
15. Stackolee
CD's - $16
1. Wide Oval Rip-off
2. Hello Baby Blues
3. Methane Gas
4. Better Things for you
5. Angel of Baffins Bay
6. Rally Round the Flag/Battle Hymn of the
7. Brownsville Road
8. That's All Right
9. Muggy Friday/Adair's Song
10. There Will Be a Happy Meeting
11. Tunning
12. Quetico Reel/Poor Howard
13. Future Shot at the Rainbow
14. Round Worm Reel
15. Rally Round the Flag/Battle Hymn of the
Republic (alt.)
16. That's Alright Blues (alt.)
17. There Will Be A Happy Meeting (alt.)
CD's - $16

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