fine and functional art
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                                                Youqiang Zhang
Youqiang Zhang comes from Harbin, a big city in north central
China. The landscape of the Harbin region is very much like
that of the Midwestern US. He's a member of the Chinese
Artists Association. He has been always been
fascinated by painting, ever since he was a young boy.
After many years of hard work, he received his B.A. in fine art.
He currently is a Professor of Art at Harbin Normal University.

Many of his works have been shown in several Chinese
national exhibitions. He has won many prestigious awards and
has been published in highly regarded art magazines.

His paintings reflect his belief that nature is the source of
beauty. He wants to communicate the true face of nature to his
viewers, and help them remember that we should love and
protect our world's natural areas.
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