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                                            Dakota Dave Hull
Minneapolis, MN
Hailed by everyone from Dave Van Ronk to Doc Watson,
from the Washington Post to downbeat, Dakota Dave Hull’s
guitar style spans a wide musical geography to create an
infectious, uniquely personal blend of jazz, ragtime, folk, blues,
Western swing, and vintage pop. Dakota Dave is a restlessly curious,
adventurous traveler along the broad highway of America’s music.
In his playing the masters speak, but in a vocabulary
that is Dave’s alone: alternatively mirthful and moving, always melodic.

A gifted composer as well as a strikingly original interpreter
of older tunes, Dakota Dave calls what he does “classic American guitar.”
Folk legend Van Ronk called Dave “one of the best guitarists in the world.”

Most of all, Dakota Dave’s music is great fun. As Douglas Greene
(Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky) puts it, “There is an imp
within Dave Hull that always expresses itself on the fretboard;
a witty, intelligent yet respectful imp who frolics in his music,
an imp Dakota Dave neither fights nor lets take control,
but simply absorbs into the heart of his style.”

On stage or in the recording studio Dave has performed with
Utah Phillips, Doc Watson, Robin and Linda Williams,
Dave Van Ronk, John Renbourn, Paul Geremia, Spider John Koerner,
Cam Waters, Sally Rogers, Butch Thompson, Peter Ostroushko,
Garrison Keillor, and Norman Blake, among others.

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