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                                                  Eric Schaap   
Eric Schaap, a native of Holland, was born there in 1939. Just after world-war II,
while in a children's recovery home, a kind nurse taught him the basic skills of drawing
and sketching. On his seventh birthday he received his first paintbox, six tubes of paint
and a brush. His artworks at first went to indulging relatives and friends, but gradually
a wider audience developed.

In 1957 he immigrated to Canada. In 1976 his first artworks sold through a gallery
he co-owned with another artist "The Royal Art Studio" in New Westminster.
Since then many of his paintings have found a home in various collections worldwide.
He now lives and works in the Vancouver area of Canada. A converted barn on a nearby
farm serves as his studio. He is mainly self-taught and since his early years has painted
in many styles and mediums. Today, he devotes most of his time to the creation of
abstract painting, and his work continues to emphasize the highly keyed colors and
visual elements of city and landscape, meeting the challenge of translating these in
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Nova III         20" x 36"
Autumn Reflections   
30" x 60"                     
30" x 60"                     
24" x 60"                     

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