fine and functional art
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                                            Tom Brown
“In my paintings I try to communicate my emotional response to a subject and bring
out the beauty I see. I use lively color and bold, energetic strokes to keep my work
fresh and spontaneous so the emotion comes through. If you can feel this in my
and it adds beauty or joy to YOUR life, then I have succeeded.” - Tom Brown

Thomas A. Brown is a listed, award-winning lifelong fine artist.
His first one-man show in Chicago years ago was a virtual sellout, and
his work continues to be collected worldwide.

His paintings have been featured in Southwest art, Art & Antiques, American Art
and other publications. He is the former president of the prestigious Orange Art
Association in Orange County , California and is a past member of the Laguna Plein
Air Painters Association and Southern California Plein Air Painters Association.
He has also been the recipient of many awards in plein air painting competitions.
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